The School of Strategic Living is a comprehensive online school consisting of two one-year courses (GoLife100 & GoLife200) featuring real-time group interaction and dedicated support from trained facilitators. A conference component called the GoLife Intensive is an integral part of the experience. Registration is open year-round with new groups forming semi-annually. Our online format offers the convenience of enrollment from any location and is tailored to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals.

UNIVERSITY & COLLEGE CREDIT: Upon successful completion of the GoLife100 & GoLife200 courses, graduates can obtain an official school transcript from GoStrategic as proof of their graduation status, facilitating applications for Prior Learning Assessments (PLA) at numerous other colleges, universities, and institutions of higher education. Our alumni have consistently been awarded academic transfer credits through this process. Additionally, GoStrategic maintains an accreditation agreement with Christian Life School of Theology Global, an online university specializing in theology studies.

The Intensive

Our school Intensive events are held both in the US and in numerous countries around the world. These events are open to all and serve as a prerequisite for enrollment in GoLife100 (year one). The goal of the Intensive is to equip and inspire attendees, connect them relationally with peers and leaders, and establish a solid foundation for each student’s journey into the school. Please contact info@gostrategic.org to learn about upcoming events or to inquire about alternatives If you are unable to fulfill the Intensive requirement.

Relationally Grounded

We are committed to fostering community under the firm believe that God builds relationally by joining together the hearts of individuals. Our mentor-based model is critical to the success of the course. Our desire to see students work with a facilitator is based in our conviction that genuine transformation in a person’s life takes place in the context of spiritual relationships with others. The role of the facilitator is to encourage and challenge their students as they work through the materials. Facilitators are graduates of the school, have completed additional facilitator training, and remain under the oversight of our Directors of Facilitation.


GoStrategic provides curated group assignments to enrolled students, taking into account such factors as time zone and demographics. These small groups convene every other week via video/phone conferencing (or in person where feasible) to discuss, process, and apply the lessons under the guidance of a vetted and trained facilitator. The meeting schedule for each group is determined by the facilitator at the course onset with consideration to participants’ schedules and availability. Students complete the course work online, with a two-week timeframe allotted for each lesson. The estimated time commitment of study per lesson is approximately 2-3 hours, which encompasses listening to the teaching, completing the reading assignment, and submitting homework. Additionally, GoLife100 (year one) includes a Service Project component, while GoLife200 (year two) includes an essay assignment, both due at the conclusion of their respective courses.

TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS: Please visit the Peer & Family Model page to learn more about our innovative approach to online education for families, home schoolers, youth groups, and school programs where teens and young adults alternate between meetings with their peers and meetings as a family or school group. This multi-generational approach enables parents and mentors to share an inheritance of the heart with the next generation of young people discovering their personal and corporate destinies in Christ.

Curriculum Overview

The GoLife100 course (year one) focuses on building a complete framework, rooted in biblical principles, through which to interpret life. Students will develop an acumen for the fundamentals of presuppositional thought and analysis regarding the nature of God, man, and truth, Emphasis is placed on instilling a vision and motivation for becoming a prophetic voice to the culture as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.

Enrollment includes the course curriculum, access to the online LMS system, and group meetings with facilitator oversight. The curriculum includes the 8-part Living Life God’s Way audio series, 24 exclusive GoLife curriculum teachings, the GoLife100 Student Manual and Appendix, and the following books: Winning the Battle for the Minds of Men by Dennis Peacocke, Discipling Nations by Darrow L. Miller, and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero. View Scope & Sequence

Audio components include teachings by Dennis Peacocke, Adam Peacocke, Dudley Hall, Walter Duerr, Katherine Gallagher, Don Walker, and Dr. Patti Amsden.

GoLife100 Service Project: Each student will complete a service project in the community that demonstrates a Christian response to a specific need. Two reports will be submitted for credit.

GoLife100 Topics/Themes:

Life As Discovery: Lessons 1-5 examine God’s plan for effective and fruitful growth in the life of a believer.

Why Study Christian Worldview?: Lessons 6-9 examine the importance of building a Christian worldview and the foundational steps that are needed to begin this process.

Introduction to Worldview and Philosophy: Lessons 10-13 examine the basic components of any consistent worldview and a historical overview of the philosophical ideas that have shaped the prevailing worldview of our culture.

The ‘Root’ Presuppositions of the Christian Faith: Lessons 14-18 are designed to equip the listener with the incredibly powerful tool of presuppositional thinking. It both explains the basic presuppositions of the Christian worldview and teaches you how to recognize and address the underlying assumptions of others.

Becoming a Prophetic Voice to Your Culture: Lessons 19-24 focus on six essential truths that must be built into our Christian worldview in order that we would be a prophetic voice to our culture as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.

The GoLife200 course (year two) focuses on helping students develop a strategic lifestyle so they can begin to walk out the vision articulated by the Christian worldview. Students will learn how to build patterns of discipline in their lives for successful Christian living and leadership. Emphasis is placed on developing the skills of problem solving, strategic thinking, time management, and servant leadership.

Enrollment includes the course curriculum, access to the online LMS system, and group meetings with facilitator oversight. The curriculum includes 23 exclusive GoLife curriculum teachings, the GoLife200 Student Manual and Appendix, thematic reading selections from various authors, and the following books: On the Destiny of Nations by Dennis Peacocke, Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. View Scope & Sequence

Audio components include teachings by Dennis Peacocke, Adam Peacocke, Bruce Billington, Dr. Paul Jehle, Dudley Hall, Don Walker, Dick Bruner, Dr. Patti Amsden, Randy Howard, Jan Peacocke, Wallance Henley, Katherine Gallagher. and Tom Hall.

GoLife200 Essay Assignment: Each student will submit an essay that explores the importance of strategic thinking and governance within their individual lives and in serving and leading others.

GoLife200 Topics/Themes:

Embracing God’s Sovereignty: Lessons 1-6 are designed to lay a foundation for strategic living by challenging the listener to examine the plans God has for their life and the components He has provided to bring those purposes to pass.

Embracing Community: Lessons 7-12 are designed to impart vision for our relational connections, understanding for the purpose of the ecclesia, and offer insight into effectively engaging others through our ministry calling.

Strategic Lifestyle: Lessons 13-17 are designed to equip the listener with the vision, principles, and practical insight necessary for developing a strategic lifestyle and embracing the timing and working of God in their life.

Problems as Opportunities: Lessons 18-20 are designed to provide the principles and practical tools to become effective as problem solvers.

Engaging Culture: Lessons 21-23 are designed to give practical insight into the nature of leadership and provide vision for Kingdom leaders on the earth.