Structure & Curriculum
The SCHOOL OF STRATEGIC LIVING is on online school composed of two, one-year courses with group interaction, mentoring oversight, and an in-person or virtual conference component called the GoLife Intensive.

The GoLife Intensive is generally held once per year in the United States (international affiliates host their own Intensives in their respective countries). The event is open to all, but is a prerequisite for those enrolling in GoLife100 year one of the school). The goal of the Intensive is to inspire and envision attendees and lay a foundation for the school.

Online Curriculum: GoLife is a distance-learning school administered via online LMS (learning management system). Students are required to participate in bimonthly group meetings led by a trained facilitator. Facilitators are alumni that have been trained and screened by GoStrategic and are assigned at the beginning of the course.

Our mentor-based model is critical to the success of the course. Our desire to see students work with a facilitator is based on the conviction that genuine transformation takes place in the context of spiritual relationships with others. The role of the facilitator is to encourage and challenge the students as they work through the material. Facilitators are all graduates of the school and have received special Facilitator training.

Relationally Grounded: We are committed to community and firmly believe that God builds relationally by joining the hearts of men and women. Students will go through the course with a small group of students and their facilitator. Meetings are usually held via video conference (such as Zoom) or conference call, however, local groups may meet in person. Group meeting times/schedule are determined by group consensus, factoring in individual schedules. Our growing body of alumni continue to build with us and share the vision of the course.

GoLife100 (Year One): “Christian Worldview

The first-year course focuses primarily on helping the student to build a complete framework through which to interpret life, based on biblical assumptions.

  • The GoLife100 24-part audio curriculum is divided into the following thematic sections:
    • Course Overview: Lesson 1 outlines the vision for the first year and a systematic plan for maximizing the impact of the course in the lives of participants.
    • Life As Discovery: Lessons 2-5 examine God’s plan for effective and fruitful growth in the life of a believer.
    • Why Study Christian Worldview: Lessons 6-9 examine the importance of building a Christian worldview and the foundational steps that are needed to begin this process.
    • Introduction to Worldview & Philosophy: Lessons 10-13 examine the basic components of any consistent worldview and a historical overview of the philosophical ideas that have shaped the prevailing worldview of our culture.
    • The ‘Root’ Presuppositions of the Christian Faith: Lessons 14-18 are designed to equip the listener with the incredibly powerful tool of presuppositional thinking. It both explains the basic presuppositions of the Christian worldview and teaches you how to recognize and address the underlying assumptions of others.
    • Becoming a Prophetic Voice to Your Culture: Lessons 19-24 focus on six essential truths that must be built into our Christian worldview in order that we would be a prophetic voice to our culture as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.
  • Additional Audio Series:
    • Living Life God’s Way by Dennis Peacocke: This 8-part series serves as the Introductory Module for the course. Its focus is on building a strategic life of Christian discipleship built on spending regular time with God.
  • Reading Assignments:
    • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero: This book addresses the signs of emotionally unhealthy spirituality and provides seven biblical, reality-tested ways to break through and experientially know the power of an authentic life in Christ.
    • Discipling the Nations by Darrow L. Miller: This book provides an excellent introduction to the prevailing worldviews of the day. Miller argues that the most effective tool we can wield in our efforts on behalf of the needy is a biblical worldview.
    • Winning the Battle for the Minds of Men by Dennis Peacocke: This book is an introductory book on the Kingdom of God, a biblical theology of Christian political action, jurisdictional government, and a call to action.
  • GoLife100 Service Project:
    • Each student will complete a service project in the community that demonstrates a Christian response to a specific need. Two reports will be submitted for credit: one for the planning stage, and one detailing the results and how it relates to the truths and principles of the GoLife100 materials.

GoLife200 (Year Two): “Strategic Living

The second-year course is designed to help students develop a strategic lifestyle so they can begin to walk out the vision articulated by the Christian worldview. Students will learn how to build the patterns of discipline in their lives necessary for successful Christian living and leadership. Emphasis is placed on developing the skills of problem solving, strategic thinking, time management, and servant leadership.

  • The GoLife200 23-part audio curriculum is divided into the following thematic sections:
    • Embracing God’s Sovereignty: Lessons 1-6 are designed to lay a foundation for strategic living by challenging the listener to examine the plans God has for their life and the components He has provided to bring those purposes to pass.
    • Embracing Community: Lessons 7-12 are designed to impart vision for our relational connections, understanding for the purpose of the ecclesia, and offer insight into effectively engaging others through our ministry calling.
    • Strategic Lifestyle: Lessons 13-17 are designed to equip the listener with the vision, principles, and practical insight necessary for developing a strategic lifestyle and embracing the timing and working of God in their life.
    • Problems as Opportunities: Lessons 18-20 are designed to provide the principles and practical tools to become an effective as a problem solver.
    • Engaging Culture: Lessons 21-23 are designed to give practical insight into the nature of leadership and provide vision for Kingdom leaders on the earth.
  • Additional Audio Series:
    • Tending Your Garden: The course begins with this 2-part series which teaches how to recognize and cultivate your personal ministry and prayer life starting with the people in your own “garden” or sphere of influence.
    • Living Life God’s Way: Two teachings are reviewed from this series, beginning with a lesson on “Inheriting God’s Heart” followed by an elective lesson (one LLGW lesson of the student’s choice).
  • Reading Assignments:
    • Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman: The purpose for the students reading this book is to challenge them to think about and observe, both in themselves and their culture, the degree to which the mass media works against their ability to think and dig into real issues. We recommend chapter by chapter highlight discussions with questions focusing on personal application and discipline. Remember the adage, “Those who read, lead!”
    • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey: This book is an excellent introduction to strategic thinking and planning in terms of personal perceptions and disciplines. It should be reviewed in discussion groups, focusing on personal application and personal change in terms of time and focus management.
    • Devotional Classics edited by Richard J. Foster and James Bryan Smith: This is a stand-out compilation of classical devotion entries from Christian writers from the fourth century to modern day. It provides spiritual insight into God’s desire for who we are to be, not simply what we are to do, adding important perspective to the pursuit of strategic lifestyle.
    • On the Destiny of Nations: Resolving Our Economic Crisis by Dennis Peacocke: Dennis provides an informed Christian challenge to absurd economic policies, left-right political games, and a frequently irrelevant church. He deals with the premises and solutions we can use to substantively address the global economic situation, recognizing that God is using this crisis to press His church to take appropriate responsibility and re-center us on Christ’s passion for seeking first the Kingdom of God.
  • Essay Requirement:
    • GoLife200 is designed to challenge the student to begin to think strategically and governmentally in regard to their own lives and how they might prepare to serve and lead others. The essay assignment, due at the end of the course, is designed to stimulate creative thinking in these areas and reflect an understanding of the application of the biblical principles taught in the curriculum.