The Vision of the School of Strategic Living

The School of Strategic Living (GoLife) traces its roots to the 1980s in the home of Dennis Peacocke, with a vision to equip his children to become influencers in their generation. In 1991, this family endeavor evolved into the institution it is today. For over 30 years, the school has been educating both current and emerging leaders to walk out a strategic lifestyle articulated by the biblical worldview (watch our 30th Anniversary Video highlighting the school’s history). GoLife currently operates in the United States, Canada, Central & South America, Europe, Africa, Madagascar, Australasia, and Singapore.

GoLife combines the convenience of online learning with personal facilitation and relational group interaction. This unique educational experience integrates biblical teaching, philosophy, leadership preparation, missional training, and personal relationships into a compact educational experience that fits into daily life. Students leave the course empowered to impact their spheres of influence and the broader culture. An official transcript is available to graduates upon completion of the school and can be submitted to universities and institutions of higher learning for units of credit.

GoLife delivers results that extend far beyond your time in the school; it will change your thinking—preparing you for a life-long trajectory of continued growth, discipleship, critical thinking, and problem solving that will bring ongoing fruit to you and to all whom God has called you.


The School of Strategic Living adheres to the Statement of Faith of our parent organization, GoStrategic.
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