GoLife Facilitators

Men and women who want to be leaders recognize the need for mentors. No one is able to achieve significance in isolation. This convention is a reflection of the biblical principle that genuine change and growth takes place within the context of relationship. Without the input of others, no one can reach their full potential in Christ.

At GoStrategic, we are committed to this reality. For this reason, the School of Business Leadership is a relationally based online learning school. Students attend regular group meetings via phone/video conference call (or in person when applicable) to discuss and process the lessons and receive input, oversight, and mentorship from a trained course facilitator. 

The role of the facilitator is to help guide the student through the curriculum. Their role is not primarily prescriptive, but rather involves the facilitation of a process. Rather than being a teacher of the material, the role of the course facilitator is to press the student into an examination of their own thoughts, attitudes, and practices against the principles presented in God’s Word.

GoBusiness facilitators are school graduates who have developed a longstanding relationship with GoStrategic, are mature in the Lord, and have been actively pursuing the message of the Kingdom as it relates to their personal lives, families, and businesses for a number of years.

In addition, facilitators have completed GoStrategics’s Facilitator School designed to prepare and equip them for this important role (open to graduates by invitation only), and they receive ongoing oversight from our Directors of Facilitation.

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