Graduate Modules & Continuing Education

Accredited Continuing Education & Degrees
Graduates of our programs can turn their learning experience through GoStrategic into an associates, bachelors or even masters of theology degree through our partnership with CLST Global. GoLife Alumni receive 66 units of transferable credit into the CLST Global online university. Graduates simply apply for their transcripts/proof of completion and submit to our offices (CLEN Student Registration Form ).

Following application and payment of the transfer request fee, graduates will be assigned an advisor through the university to engage the school and work towards their degree completion (Sample Degree Option: Christian Worldview Concentration CLST Global wGoLife ). Graduates can also submit/request for Evaluation of Prior Learning to receive transferable credits from other schools/universities and past ministry experience.

See our Announcement of this partnership with GoStrategic President Dennis Peacocke & GoStrategic Director of Operations Katherine Gallagher
Watch a Special Greeting from President of CLST Global Dr. Langley

Graduate Modules: Advanced Course
The Advanced Course modules are intended to provide specific focus areas that will further build upon the framework presented in the course and further empower our graduates.  They are available exclusively to Alumni. Modules can be purchased a la carte at any time through our offices for self-paced study. Also available are master facilitator led graduate modules facilitated via conference calls/web and online in 6-8 week format. These facilitated graduate modules are also eligible for school credits through our partnership with CLST Global.

GoLife & GoBusiness Graduate Module 300—
The Basics of Mentoring by Dennis Peacocke
Delve deeper into the influential role every believer plays as mentor to those God has placed in their “garden.” We will examine the discipleship process, the realities of relationally based learning, and creating an inheritance for others. The key concepts of giving and receiving correction in a godly way are addressed with instruction on navigating the essential elements of relationships, potential obstacles, and practical listening and speaking skills. Finally, it challenges people to face their fears and lead others in faith for deep, personal change.
Five-part series on the following topics:

The Four Stages of Discipleship
The Art of Bringing Correction – Part 1
The Art of Bringing Correction – Part 2
The Art of Bringing Correction – Part 3
Helping People Face their Fears

GoLife & GoBusiness Graduate Module 301—
Foundations of Leadership by Dennis Peacocke & Dr Gerald Chester
This pivotal module provides ongoing mastery of the concepts, applications, and lifestyle required to bring lasting change to people and organizations. We will examine additional areas of ministry calling, critical attributes of a family council, and tending your garden as the foundation of ministry. The second half of the module brings strategic analysis of leverage points, Kingdom perspective of management, and the enduring benefits of multi-generational building. Practical worksheets, exercises, and a glossary are included along with the course syllabus.
Six-part series on the following topics:

Who has captured You?
Building your Family Council
Tending your Garden
Strategic Management through Leverage Points
Building Generationally Part 1
Building Generationally Part 2